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AYM Syntex Limited (formerly known as Welspun Syntex Limited) with its innovative approach is a pioneer in spinning, texturizing, draw twisting and dyeing of polyester and nylon yarns. AYM is among the global leaders in manufacturing specialty and multi-polymer yarns.

Innovation In Action
  • The amount of yarn we have produced can go


    to the moon

  • The highest poly spandex yarn production capacity


    tons annually
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  • Widest colour range of conventional dyed yarn



    Widest colour range dope dyed yarn


  • One of the largest yarn dyeing houses in Asia with an annual capacity of


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Explore a world of high-performance synthetic yarns

AYM Syntex Limited is the leading manufacturer of Bulk Continuous Filament (BCF) yarns in India.

BCF Yarns

We are one of the largest exporters of high-quality packaged dyed yarns with presence in more than 50 countries.

Packaged Dyed Yarns

AYM Syntex has diversified presence in multipolymer textile yarns. It is well equipped to meet the domestic as well as international customer requirements.

Textile Yarns

A pioneering product that redefines soft seams for intimate and body hugging apparels.

Textile Yarns

Indian Market Leader in Bulk Continuous Filament (BCF) Yarn Manufacturing & Export.

Explore automotive yarns for

Our Industrial yarns offer high performance, each time, every time.

Comfeel Performance Yarn Logo

ComfeelTM is a synthetic, textured performance yarn designed to suit all denim, knitwear, floor covering and narrow-width tape applications. It is designed keeping in mind the wearer's comfort, material durability & stretch recovery. It is durable even after incessant & extensive use.

Polycycle Bcf Yarn Logo

At AYM Syntex limited, we prioritise sustainability and are focused on finding innovative solutions that are environment-friendly and sustainable. With a lot of careful research and time invested, AYM Syntex Limited proudly introduces PolycycleTM. It is a yarn free from carcinogenic chemicals and delivers 100% recycled polyester yarn extruded out of recycled PET bottles. PolycycleTM exhibits properties equivalent to Virgin Polyester and is a GRS-certified yarn. It is available in DPF 5-30. This process uses significantly less water compared to virgin polyester. It eliminates toxic and harmful chemicals across the textile production chain.

Sorenyl Product Bcf Yarn Logo

With the latest available technology & ingenuity, AYM Syntex Limited is proud to offer yet another innovative product of excellence called SorenylTM. SorenylTM is a BCF yarn that inherits supreme softness and is best suited for commercial and residential spaces.

Rezilia High-Performance Bcf Yarn Logo

Rezilia® is a high-performance BCF yarn specially manufactured to suit the needs of modern residential spaces. Rezilia® offers softness with performance. It exhibits excellent color-fastness and brilliant shades. Its high resilience and bulk assure carpet’s durability. Floor coverings made from Rezilia® are inherently UV, stain, bleach, and fade resistant.

Ecose Supremely Soft, Dyed Bcf Yarn Logo

EcoseTM is a supremely soft, dyed BCF yarn that eliminates carpet shedding unlike Viscose and offers a natural hand-made look. EcoseTM is ideal for residential wall-to-wall carpets and decorative rugs. Carpets made with EcoseTM yarns are more stain-resistant and durable when compared to Viscose and retain their texture even after extensive use.

Silkenza Soft Nylon Dyed Yarn Logo

SilkenzaTM is a supremely soft Nylon Dyed yarn that exhibits silk-like features and offers luxurious home styling. Its handmade look and excellent color-fastness make it the best yarn for residential spaces. It is available in 3-5 DPF.

Greenova Bio-Based Yarn Logo

GreenovaTM is a partially bio-based yarn ideal for residential spaces. It is a soft and durable yarn and is stain, bleach and odour resistant. Greenova’s 37% polymer is made using renewable plant-based ingredients using Dupont’s proprietary technology.

Polymagic Modified Raw White Yarn Logo

PolymagicTM is a modified raw white yarn developed for dyeing & printing at low temperature & pressure.

Sparkle Extra-Shine Bcf Yarn Logo

SparkleTM is our extra-shine Polypropylene BCF yarn specifically developed for residential carpets & rugs. It is highly lustrous and ideal for woven rugs & tufted wall-to-wall carpets. It is available in DPF 5-20.

Spinovate Bicomponent Yarn Logo

Spinovate® is a bicomponent yarn manufactured using a specialized extrusion technology. Spinovate® yarns lends its fabrics exceptional softness, superior luster, suede leather-like appearance, peach skin feel, excellent bulk, performance, and versatility. Spinovate® is ideal for home textile, haute couture, apparels & denims.

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Dive into the world of AYM Syntex Limited

We have two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Palghar & Silvassa. Our Palghar & Silvassa units have the most advanced machinery for multi-speciality synthetic yarn production.
In-house master batch development, high-tech research & development centre
and colour matching facility are our strengths.

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