Sorenyl is a Solution Dyed Nylon yarn ideal for luxurious home styling and automotive applications. It exhibits amazing performance in tufting and weaving of wall to wall carpets and offers a perfect balance of touch and performance. Sorenyl is also available in a conventional dyed option- Silkenza for smaller MoQs. Sorenyl’s is offered in 3.5 – 22 DPF.

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Sorenyl Dyed Nylon Yarn - Contract Products
Game Changer - Sorenyl Solution Dyed Nylon Yarn
Kashmiere - Sorenyl Solution Dyed Nylon Yarn
Hygeia - Sorenyl Solution Dyed Nylon Yarn
Innoveda - Sorenyl Solution Dyed Nylon Yarn


  • PA6


Polyamide 6 (Nylon) is a high-performance yarn suitable for luxurious home styling and contract spaces with high traffic. AYM offers Sorenyl Yarn with unmatched softness and resilience. Sorenyl Yarns are fade, UV & bleach resistant. We also offer 100% recycled Nylon 6.


  • Air Entangled
  • Air Twisted
  • Power Heat Set / Superba
  • BCF Singles
  • Tri Color

Air Entangled

AYM offers unlimited styling possibilities through its air entangled yarns processed through Dynajet Gilbos. Our yarns are available between 2400-12500 deniers. Using a high-tech process, we offer an enhanced air entangled finish to our yarns against traditionally manufactured air entangled yarns.

Air Twisted

AYM is one of the India’s leading manufacturers of Air textured yarns. We offer yarns ranging between 2400-12500 deniers with 50 – 200 twist level (S & Z intermittent) processed through Dynajet Gilbos.

Power Heat Set / Superba

AYM has the most modern GVA 8 technology from Germany, which is a fully automated machine bearing 96 positions and 6 tunnels. Experience state-of-the-art yarns through our super-tech Power Heat Set process.

BCF Singles

Our BCF Single yarns are available in mono and tri-color options, which are ideal for wall-to-wall carpet manufacturing. We offer multi polymer yarns in Polyester, Nylon6 SDN, Comfeel, PP and Sorona between 900-3200 denier ranges.

Tri Color

Our tri-colour yarns are manufactured using a unique single-step process that imparts an even colour to the yarn with a melange-like look. It exhibits all polymer capabilities. We provide specific colours, which can be produced in our CPC and Heather facility.

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