Comfeel is a synthetic textured performance yarn manufactured by AYM Syntex. It is created keeping in mind the wearer comfort, material durability & stretch recovery. It is durable even after incessant & extensive use and resists sagging. Comfeel is supremely soft, skin friendly & highly resilient and is best suitable for apparel and leisure wear. It is available in DPF 2 – 3.

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Elior is a Polymide 6 yarn specifically designed for seamless garments and hosiery. With more than 10,000 shades and is available in POY, FDY & DTY.

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Polycyle is a 100% recycled yarn ideal for apparels. It exhibits excellent color fastness; stain, bleach & UV resistance. It is a GRS & OKEO-TEX certified yarn and is available in DPF 0.7-4.

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A performance yarn designed specifically for sportswear that offers excellent moisture management. Moisture management is an inherent property of the yarn that keeps the wearer cool, fresh and dry. Efficient weaving, good stability and quick drying capabilities make it unique and is ideal for performance wear. It is available in recycled and spandex and in 75, 150, 300 DTY.

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Spinovate is a bicomponent yarn manufactured by AYM Syntex Limited using a specialized extrusion technology. Spinovate yarn lends its fabrics exceptional softness, superior luster, suede leather-like appearance, peach skin feel, excellent bulk, performance, and versatility. Spinovate is ideal for producing home textiles, haute couture & denim.

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Silque is a revolutionary yarn that outperforms Viscose. It is a conventionally dyed yarn which does not crumble even after extensive use. Silque is the best replacement for viscose and helps manufacturers optimize their process. It is best suited for silk sarees, dress materials, embroidery. Available in DPF 110/36.

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Comfeel Textured Performance Yarn - Apparel & Fashion
Polycyle 100% Recycled Yarn - Apparel & Fashion


  • PET
  • PA6
  • PBT
  • 100% Recycle PET


PET is the most popular polymer used in the textile industry.

It is known for its strength, durability, performance, colour fastness and resistance to most chemicals. Our PET yarns have the best light and water fastness and require shorter dyeing times. They also resist wrinkles, shrinking, abrasion and mildew. AYM specialises in Polyester solution dyed & package dyed products.

AYM specialises in Polyester Solution dyed & package dyed products.


AYM specialises in manufacturing PA6 & dyeing PA66, both exhibiting excellent durability. We offer a wide range of colours for dyeing, resisting any damage from oil & chemicals. Nylon is among the preferred & popular polymers used for a variety of applications. AYM is capable of manufacturing a variety of Nylon Solution dyed & package dyed yarns.


PBT is well known for its excellent strength, toughness, good abrasion, heat resistance, low creep at elevated temperatures, good chemical resistance and excellent dimensional stability. Ideal for its impeccable performance, softness and excellent bulk.

100% Recycle PET

AYM offers a sustainable solution sustainable solution for all needs. With 100% recycled PET, our yarns are suitable for diverse applications which are eco-conscious known for its excellent thermal, dimensional stability, high resilience, and wear resistance, AYM yarns are ideal for multiple textile applications.


  • Parially Oriented Yarn (POY)
  • Fully Drawn Yarn (FDY)
  • Highly Oriented Yarn (HOY)
  • Drawn Texturised Yarn (DTY)
  • Air Textured Yarn (ATY)
  • Air Covered Yarn (ACY)
  • Mother FDY Yarn
  • Mono Yarn

Parially Oriented Yarn (POY)

Partially Oriented Yarn (POY) is a primary form of filament yarn made through polymerising and spinning processes and is known for its durability and resistance to chemicals. It is the primary raw material to produce Draw Texturized yarn (DTY). AYM offers a comprehensive range of POY and has the flexibility to manufacture exactly as per client’s specifications. We have the capacity to manufacture POY in deniers 75-500 having filaments: 36-384 in all lustres.

Fully Drawn Yarn (FDY)

Fully Drawn Yarn (FDY) is a highly drawn polyester filament yarn used to produce high strength yarns for fabrics and textile applications. Its manufacturing process is similar to POY except that the yarn is produced at a high spinning speed coupled with intermediate drawing integrated into the process itself. At AYM, we manufacture this highly efficient yarn ideal for fabrics. By eliminating the process of texturizing, it can be directly utilized for producing fabrics. We have the capacity to manufacture FDY in deniers: 50-300 and filaments: 36-288 in all lustres.

Highly Oriented Yarn (HOY)

Highly Oriented Nylon Yarn (HOY) is similar to POY, except that it is produced through a high-speed spinning process to create stabilisation and crystallisation without the drawing process. We offer HOY, which is ideal for apparel, swimwear, narrow tapes and fancy yarns. We have the capacity to manufacture HOY in denier 30-70 in all lustres.

Drawn Texturised Yarn (DTY)

Drawn Texturised Yarn (DTY) is manufactured by texturising Partially Oriented Yarn (POY) using texturising machines. It is a continuous filament yarn that has been processed to introduce strong crimps, twists, interlaces, loops or other subtle distortions along with the length of the filament. At AYM, we have the capacity to manufacture DTY in:

PET deniers 75-600 and filaments 36-576 in different lustres.
Nylon deniers 44-400 filaments 10-96 in different lustres.

Air Textured Yarn (ATY)

The process to produce air-textured yarn is completely mechanical. It uses an air stream to manufacture bulked yarns. The touch and warmth of these yarns is like natural yarn. The appearance and the physical characteristics of air textured yarns resemble that of spun yarns.

At AYM, we have the capacity to manufacture ATY in:
PET denier 110 – 1100 & filament 72-576 in lustres.
Nylon denier 50-500 & filament 24-216 in lustres

Air Covered Yarn (ACY)

Air Covered Yarn is manufactured by creating a physical intermingle of elastomeric yarn (spandex) with other synthetic filaments like Polyester or Nylon with the help of compressed air applied through a nozzle.

Spandex is applied in a draw texturizing process of Polyester or Nylon. It can be used in socks, hem/collar, seamless underwear, denim production, any stretchable garments etc.

Mother FDY Yarn

Mother yarn is a multifilament drawn yarn which is further converted into monofilament yarn by splitting the ends at spinning process. It is used for multiple applications such as sarees, dress material, drapes & automotive applications. AT AYM, we offer yarns that go through stringent quality checks and is an outcome of state-of-the-art technology. Our yarns are known for their excellent strength and resilience.

Mono Yarn

A Monofilament Yarn is a single strand of untwisted continuous fiber used for various weaving applications such as sarees & dress materials. They are usually circular and solid in cross-section, but the shape of the filament can be altered to produce non-circular or hollow filaments. Our Monofilament Yarns are available in a wide range of colours. Multiple additives can be applied to the yarns based on client requirements.

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