Commitment to Strategic Goals

The path to our ultimate aim of sustainable and profitable growth by touching more and more lives is lined with numerous milestones pertaining to our operational performance and strategic direction. To achieve our next set of milestones, we have identified a few such areas that we will focus on in the coming years to capitalise on our existing strengths and phasing out our risks.


Building sustainable business practices

In order to continue scaling newer heights, it is important to build a foundation of sustainable business practices that will allow us to reap the rewards for years to come. We have strategically oriented our decision-making using sustainable guidelines such as concentrating on niche customers, focusing on quality, getting into segments with high entry barriers, and innovate on products with low-capital inputs and high-return outcomes.


Focusing consistently on innovation

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, it only makes sense for us to adapt just as fast. That is why, we continue to invest in advancing not just our products, but also the way we make these products, so that we stay clear of our competition and reach newer heights. We have increased our commitment to research and development in order to intensify our focus on innovation, which is one of our core values.


Betting big on differentiation

With the success of our strategy to focus on high-margin products beginning to show now, we continue to pursue the path of creating highly differentiated offerings and keep shifting away from low-margin commoditised products.


Reimagining processes for optimisation

There is always room to improve how we do things to create more value and minimise our risks and costs. From including digital interventions in our operations to imbibing our workers with future-ready skills, we are ensuring that any aspect of our processes that can be optimised, will be optimised. Another endeavour is to continuously work on throughput initiatives to get more output without any major investments through improved efficiency, output, and product mix.


Continuing investments in purposeful initiatives

What has helped us in the last few years has been the conscious decision to deploy capital prudently in strategic areas, which over the years we expect to get sharper. This is a practice that we will continue to follow with renewed focus, having seen its effectiveness until now.

Strategic Goals