Scaling New Heights

through strength and transformation

Adding to the lingering effects of the first wave, the second year of the pandemic brought with it a few new challenges not just to the company, but to the economy as a whole. The strategic calls taken even before the pandemic combined with prompt actions taken during the last year have ensured that we stay on course to achieve continued growth. Thanks to the continued success and growth over the years — which culminated in some of our highest performance parameters in FY 21-22 — we feel assured that we are on the right path with our approach and methodology

Increased Output with Operational Excellence

We have been consistently identifying throughput-enhancing opportunities across our plants and capitalising on them by fine-tuning our equipment and streamlining our processes, thereby improving operational parameters. As a result, we are seeing a notable uptick in overall productivity.

Diversification of Product Portfolios

Innovation and improvements in operations not only help us retain our customers’ trust in our products but also establish and improve our reputation at a global level. By consistently offering high-quality products while incurring optimum costs, we are not just influencing the demand for our products but also streamlining the supply chain.

Growth in Exports

As part of our growth plan, we have further ramped up our processes focused on exports. By having a healthy mix of domestic and export segments, we can mitigate the risks posed by regional economic disturbances. By consistently growing our international customer base over the years, we have advanced our export share from 21% in 2017 to 45% in 2022.

Strengthened Balance Sheet

Our stellar financial performance in the previous years and improved operational performance have enabled us to increase value for our stakeholders. This, combined with a prudent liquidity management approach, has allowed us to reduce our borrowings and improve our cash flow