Empowering Our People

At AYM, we are committed towards continuing to drive strong business performance by building a future-ready inclusive, and happy workplace for all AYMites. Empowering our employees by giving them the necessary resources and opportunities to succeed is an important part of our strategy. To align with our mission, we constantly undertake initiatives to improve the lives of our employees, in addition to maintaining an environment that is conducive to collaboration, growth, and fulfilment.

Key People Highlights of the Year

An increasing trend of employees state that AYM is a future-ready workplace, rate our talent practices above industry peers, and feel a strong sense of belongingness with AYM.


Person hours

Dedicated for employee training



Rewarded for their commitment through the GloryUs 2.0 programme


Stock options

Granted to employees under ESOP scheme


Of talent

Hired through referrals and internal growth channels

Hiring Future-Ready Skills

To enable AYM’s accelerated growth journey, it is imperative to attract and retain top talent across diverse backgrounds, education, and experience. AYM wants to develop a passionate, vibrant organisation with motivated people who contribute to the utmost extent of their abilities.

Creating an inclusive and joyful workplace experience

Inclusion and diversity has been a strong focus for us as we strive to build an environment that is truly inclusive and respects diverse thought processes, welcomes varied ideas and encourages people to make the right business decisions. Our focus is to build a workplace that celebrates diversity in thought and action. To this end, we ensure that we reach out to our employees, hear their needs and aspirations, and continually align our HR practices to support their wellbeing and growth.

Engage People

Frequent engagement programmes like employee of the month and employee of the day

Work from home

Work-From-Home Technologies for employee convenience

Cash Settings

Cash rewards and upskilling opportunities for employees through various training programs


COVID vaccination drives for employees as well as their families

Employee Development and Engagement

We believe in being dynamic and adaptive to change to stay ahead in the business. Accordingly, we are continuously engaged in personal and professional development and well-being of our employees, which we believe results in enhanced productivity and a workforce that delivers results. As key stakeholders in our company, we aim to provide them with a growth culture that nurtures their health, safety, wellbeing, and professional skills. Our code of conduct and supporting policies have been formulated keeping in mind the best interests of our employees.

Rewards and Recognition

GloryUs 2.0, our rewards and recognition programme offered on-the-spot recognition to 135 high-performing employees to motivate and foster a spirit of growth. Winners were given cash rewards, gift vouchers, and an IPL experience with their families.

Learning and Development

L&D programmes like Gyanodaya are conducted for employees to upskill them for professional development. Trainings include advanced sessions on productivity softwares, behavioural sessions for culture inculcation and safety education, and trainings through OEMs to improve equipment utilisation and maintenance

Engagement and Recreation

To foster camaraderie and increase employee bonding, engagement and recreational activities are regularly conducted for corporate and plant staff. Events like AYM Krida Utsav promote athletics and sports across the company. We also conduct private theatre screenings for movies and celebrate important occasions such as Women's Day.

Occupational Health and Safety

To prevent unsafe practices, AYM’s Safety Health and Environment (SHE) Management Committee runs several programmes to build a culture of safety in our facilities through both organisational design and employee behaviour. SHE performances of our facilities are reviewed by the committee and corporate team regularly to identify and mitigate risks.

FY 21-22 Health and Safety Performance

Zero fatalities

for 5 years in a row





*LTIFR refers to Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate, the number of lost time injuries occurring in a workplace per 1 million hours worked

Incident Trend for India Operations

2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 2020-21 2021-22
FATAL - - - - -
LTI 5 4 0 0 1
FAC 19 18 24 17 9
MTC 18 16 7 4 2
RWC - - - - -

LTI - Loss Time Injury, FAC - First Aid Case, MTC - Medical Treatment Case, RWC - Restricted Work Case

We also have adequate measures encompassing the industry’s best practices across our offices and plants to keep our employees and service providers safe and COVID-free.

Additional employee benefit plans, including parental leave, mediclaim policies that cover employees’ immediate families, COVID-19 specific plans, personal accident insurance plans, term life insurance plans, travel insurance plans, etc. have also been provided as comprehensive health and safety measures to our employees.

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