Elevating Our Digital Capabilities

With COVID pushing businesses to go digital, the world is realising that digitisation will be the default mode of operation for organisations in the future. To prepare for a digital-first future, we have been consistently taking measures to modernise our plants and offices with digital capabilities. These initiatives are not only helping our employees be more productive but are also ensuring that we maintain the quality of products as we scale up our output. By providing tools that enable our office workers to perform their day-to-day tasks faster and more efficiently, we are not only able to improve performance but are also seeing an improvement in employee morale. By using data-driven solutions for improved process monitoring, we aim to eliminate wastage and quality-related issues. As a result, we are witnessing an improvement in operational efficiency and consistency in our products’ quality.

In addition to enabling our people to do more and improving our manufacturing processes, we have also started digitising our customer-facing functions, and are planning to implement new initiatives, like a customer portal that aims to improve the customer experience.

As industry trends and customer expectations continue to evolve, we aim to keep incorporating new technologies, processes, and ideas to stay ahead of the curve and deliver on our customers’ expectations.

Some of the initiatives we have taken this year include:


Barcode tracking at bobbin
level to enhance traceability


Automated accounts payable to track
and process transactions


Process automation to
improve Warehouse Operations

Automation report

Automated reporting with BI implementation
to increase accuracy and efficiency

Digital Product

Digital Product Library for accurate
and easy tracking of Inventory

Asset Management

Paperless asset management to save
the environment and enable easy access

Customer Portal

Customer Portal to help customers
track and manage orders

Digital Bg