Creating Value for Everyone

With a strong approach and methodology that uses our inputs efficiently, puts innovation at the core of our strategies and processes, and converts them to clear, sustainable business goals, we create consistent value for all stakeholders.

Our process of creating value can be visualised as follows:



Financial Capital

Funds allocated and efficiently utilised by the company to power business activities


Manufactured Capital

Assets, such as plants, equipment, and offices that facilitate the production and value creation


Human Capital

People onboarded, trained, and empowered to drive business


Nature Capital

Assets, such as plants, equipment, and offices that facilitate the production and value creation


Social Capital

Relationships with key stakeholders such as customers, value chain partners, investors, regulators, and surrounding communities

Hand Brain

Intellectual Capital

Intellectual property developed through innovation, research and improvement in manufacturing processes


Fixed Assets: ₹ 473.9 Crores

Equity: ₹ 409.9 Crores

Net Debt: ₹ 252.5 Crores

Working capital: ₹ 115.9 Crores

Manufacturing facilities: 3

Regional offices: 7

Capex in last 5 yrs: ₹ 300+ Crores

Total no. of people employed: 2300+

Person hours spent in training: 200+

Raw material consumed in FY22: 67K MT

Packaging material consumed: ₹ 44.7 Crores

Water consumed (KL): 1.5 Lakhs

Energy Consumed (kVA): 1517 Lakhs

No. of ETPs: 2

Total investment in CSR

Activities: ₹ 41 Lakhs

Value chain partners: ~2500+

Investment in R&D: ₹ 12.8 Crores

People engaged in R&D: 56

Innovative products : 8



Create a legacy by touching lives globally through innovative products, processes and business models


Customer Focus


People Development




Drive for Excellence

Bias for Action


Robust business model

Continuous innovation

Sustainable practices

Digital tools and automation





Value chain partners




Market cap: ₹ 563.7 Crores

RoCE: 17.3%

Net revenue: ₹ 1491.5 Crores

EBITDA: ₹ 166.1 Crores

EBITDA margin: 11.1%

EPS: ₹ 10.1

Amount of yarn produced: 93K MT

New products Introduced: 42

Warehousing facility addded

LTIFR: 0.404

Incidents: 23

Fatalities: 0

Employee benefit expense: ₹ 64.6 Crores

Employees with tenure longer than 10 years: 363

Solar energy generated (kVA): ~9.7 Lakhs

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) system

Procurement through local suppliers: 64%

Anganwadi opened: 1

Balwadi students: 66

Training programmes conducted: 80+

COVID relief packets distributed: 13.5K+

Certifications: 14

Countries reached through products: 55+

No. of patents held: 3

Brands owned: 30+


  • Strong balance sheet with IND A rating
  • Reduced debt and working capital requirements
  • Increased throughput through operational excellence
  • Digitisation and automation to maintain product quality
  • Modification of energy-intensive machines to more energy-efficient operational modes
  • Strong team of people with diverse expertise
  • Safe workplace with minimal injury and no fatality-causing incidents
  • Long-term career growth and progression opportunities for employees
  • Taking significant steps towards environmental sustainability
  • Implementing zero liquid discharge policy
  • Increasing adoption of renewable energy sources
  • Local communities that are supportive and appreciative of the AYM Syntex brand
  • Healthy long-term relationships with all stakeholders
  • Long-term relationship and repeat business with customers and suppliers
  • Increased transparency and customer satisfaction
  • Producing products from recycled material
  • Preferred by customers for highly customised products
  • One of the few yarn manufacturers with in-house masterbatch production