Commitment to Net Zero

As a responsible business that aspires to actively contribute to the climate action agenda, we have undertaken bold steps and commitments to go beyond compliance boundaries, proactively reducing our overall emissions’ footprint across operations. These commitments have been consolidated to form our net zero emission reduction targets in operations. AYM Syntex is committed to gradually reducing its carbon footprint in the coming decades through a combination of strategic thinking and innovative action.

The Company realises its impact on the environment as it continues to grow in scale and stature. While it has always believed in sustainable business practices, it now hopes to take more pragmatic and meaningful steps towards becoming a net-zero institution in a reasonably short timeline.

As we adopt newer technologies to enhance our capacity and productivity, our operations continue to become more energy-efficient and, in the process, greener. AYM aspires to be a sustainable organisation by implementing business strategies that create significant stakeholder value. A comprehensive environmental focused strategy framework with an articulated net-zero commitment vision helps the Company take its intent forward and demonstrates its unwavering commitment to serve society and create value for its stakeholders. We expect that our actions in the upcoming period will allow us to proactively meet the expectations that will be set forth for sustainable environmental friendly and inclusive growth.

Key Enablers

  • Reduction of direct and indirect emissions across operational footprint
  • Investment in low carbon technology and system
  • Responsible consumption and production to boost climate action

Plan of Action

  • Continue with zero liquid discharge philosophy and actions to strengthen it further
  • Transition to renewable energy mix (electrical and thermal)
  • Transition to externally verified carbon-neutral operations
  • Monitor carbon sequestration potential of afforestation drive
  • Climate change management
Commitment Net Zero