Commitment to Capital

The growth and success of our company, like any other business, largely depends on our ability to use our capital to generate greater value for everyone. We are constantly looking for ways in which we can intelligently augment and utilise the different capitals to build a company that can, over time, offer increasing value to all our stakeholders.

Financial Capital

We strive to make the most of our financial capital by effectively deploying equity, debt, and retained earnings to drive business growth

59 Crores

Cash generated from operations

Manufactured Capital

Our quality products, and the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities we used to produce them, see constant improvement to meet global customer needs

93K+ MT

Total annual yarn manufacturing capacity

Intellectual Capital

To increase the value of our products and differentiate ourselves from competition, we consistently invest in R&D and innovation

12.8 Crores

Amount invested in R&D

Human Capital

Our people and their diverse skill sets have always been the most critical contributors to our operations, growth, and success and will always remain so


People employed

Social Capital

In addition to having an inclusive mindset towards our people, we also continue to touch lives in our surrounding communities through various welfare initiatives

40+ Lakhs

Invested in CSR initiatives

Natural Capital

We ensure the environmentally responsible utilisation and minimal wastage of the natural resources we rely on

67K+ MT

Raw material used